Jonathan Allen Yabut wins "The Apprentice Asia"

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Jonathan Allen Yabut wins "The Apprentice Asia"

jonathan-allen-yabut-winner-apprentice-asia would like to congratulate the 27-year-old University of the Philippines alumni, Jonathan Allen Yabut, for winning the first season of the business reality show "The Apprentice Asia," which was initially popularized by the famous US moneymaker, Donald Trump.

Jonathan Yabut, a senior product manager of a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, bested ten other contestants from various countries in Southeast Asia. Tony Fernandes chose Yabut as his apprentice over Singaporean lawyer Andrea Loh Ern-Yu, as seen in the the final episode of "The Apprentice Asia" aired on AXN on Wednesday night.

Jonathan Yabut, you are hired. Congratulations," Fernandes told Yabut. "You are a junior me in the making. The whole of the Philippines should be very, very proud of you. Welcome to the AirAsia family," he added.

Yabut made firm statements to Fernandes.

"I'm pretty much a self-made man. I went through preparatory school to college all through scholarships. I'm not saying these things because I want your pity but because I made it big, sir, without anything else. And that's something I'm very proud of."

"When I wear this Filipino flag pin, it's not because I'm too nationalistic. It's because I want to serve as that inspiration to the rest of my country that there is hope, that I represent that hope in them, sir. That despite the fact that you may be from poor beginnings, you can make it big," Yabut added.

In front of the media, the overwhelmed The Apprentice Asia winner said;

"I think I'm exploding right now and there's so much happiness in me," Yabut said, adding, "I'm gonna make big changes in the world." - ABS-CBN news

Again, congratulations Jonathan Allen Yabut! Always aim high sir!

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