Jessy Mendiola's Skills in Pole Dancing Tested on TV

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A not so ordinary role was portrayed by Jessy Mendiola testing her physical strengths and skills in pole dancing. The Kapamilya star earned praises after netizens watched the full episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya(MMK), the longest anthology TV series in the Philippines.

Jessy Mendiola was seen many times dancing on stage. She did sexy swag dance and also tried the viral "work" dance and some other vine-like videos showing her jessylicous dance moves. Many fans, however, were stunned when she did an amazing pole dance on one of the episodes of MMK.

In the viral clip shared on Youtube, ABS-CBN proudly showcased her skills in this particular dance trend. It was also revealed that this is her first attempt to perform pole dancing.

MMK - Christina, 30 years old, accepted the marriage proposal of her long-time boyfriend but her world turned upside down after the latter decided to quit the wedding plan. Her desired partner and love of her life broke her up unexpectedly. Christina was in deep pain and had lost meaning in life after the break up. 

After several months of not reporting to work she started to gain weight. Christina tried to focus and allocate her time on her art career to divert her attention but still she was still feeling the misery. 

Her friends, however, didn't give up in convincing her to find the best way to distract herself from sadness. One day, her friend invited her to attend a pole dancing class. Though she is terrible in dancing, she gave herself a nice try. She started to learn the proper execution and tricks in pole dancing. She also noticed that she was loosing weight and became healthier than ever.

After two years of being busy in this dynamic activity, Christina and her friends in the class decided to put up their own company now popularly known as Polecats Manila.

In 2013, she accidentally met her ex-boyfriend. They had a short talk but she realizes that she has totally moved on.




Posted by on 12 Jun 2016

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