The highlighter is totally pigmented but the bronzer and blush are too chalky and not blendable compared to other bronzers that were well milled creating an almost creamy texture. The pigmentation is intense but it doesn't last long. I used this product multiple times to really test and give it a go, but after each application my makeup looks too weird and patchy. And I don't feel beautiful regardless of skin benefits it promises. 

Overall assessment--I am not going to purchase this item again.


Blush Highlighter 

Apart from Dual CC Matte powder, the blush highlighter is one of my favorites item from Celeteque. There are two available colors--pink and coral. The texture is so creamy and a little goes a long way. This is so pigmented, so a small dab on the cheek is enough. This product creates a healthy and natural glow which I really like.


The color is well suited for any skin color range so this is worth of an investment. I've tried other blush highlighters, from drugstore to high end, but so far this is one of the products that impressed me a lot. 

24-Hour Volumizer Mascara

This mascara claims to prevent clumping and smudging. It's beeswax component gives additional coat to each lash, thus, creating volume. The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf protects the product and the eye from bacteria. I gave it a try and based on a month of use, it delivers the same effect as the local drugstore brand. Nothing fancy except that the applicator can be lengthened or shortened. I did not experience the volumizing effect and infact it smudges after 8 hours of wearing it. Another thing I like about this product though, is it can easily be removed. 

Overall Assessment, not my favorite. 

Lastly the Eyebrow Nourishing Serum, this is small and a bit pricey yet it delivers what it promised. I used it just for a month and I have seen how my eyebrows thickened, it was impressive. I stopped using the eyebrow serum since I am already satisfied with the thickness of my eyebrow. Now all I need to worry is to make sure is it looks clean and trimmed.


Overall, I highly recommend this product. 

As a whole, pretty much Celeteque did a great job! There were a couple of products that did not impress me but majority really worked.

I hope that you guys like my honest feedback and reviews of Celeteque skin care products. 'Til next time.