Hideaki Akaiwa's Unbelievable Rescue Attempt, the Spirit of Japan’s Real Life Man of Steel

By: Sherwin in Inspirational

Hideaki Akaiwa defied his friends advice and put his life in peril. A worth it decision that saved the life of his beloved wife aftera monstrous retaliation of mother nature occurred in 2011. Read his heroic and inspiring rescue attempt.

Modern day greatness isn't measured by slaying hundreds of villains. Heroism isn't just measured on how many people you helped with, but rather it's all about being brave enough to face adversities in life. Hideaki Akaiwa, "Japan's real life man of steel", exactly did this heroic deeds couple of years ago.

Hideaki Akaiwa displayed his bravery and heroism when a great tsunami hit Japan in March 2011. Hideaki was at work when the disaster occurred. Despite the advice from his peers to just stay on a safer ground and just wait for the army to do the search and rescue operation, Hideaki wasn't able to stand doing nothing while his wife was in a life and death situation and trapped in their house.

The brave Akaiwa made a crucial decision and didn't bother the dangers of floating debris that he could encounter along his way to their house. Hideaki looked for a wetsuit, leaped into the rampaging waters and he ducked from one vehicle/houses to another. Akaiwa faced all the hazards that could pose fatal consequences the moment it hit him. He steered along the immersed dark streets until he reached his home. Luckily, while Hideaki was swimming inside their house, he noticed his wife alive on the upper level of their house with only a small amount of breathing space. He rescued his wife out of the house safely. His wife of 20 years would have been dead had he just waited for the army to arrive.


Four weeks after the tsunami, Hideaki initiated a search and rescue operation alone where he saved numerous lives. He proved that no disasters can ever break a man’s spirit to save the lives of his loved ones and of other people as well. I have to salute him for his heroic acts. He is definitely the modern “Man of Steel“ of Japan.

The incredible rescue attempt of Hideaki Akaiwa also reminds me of some movies like “2012”, where thousands of people have to run for their lives to escape the wrath of mother nature and a few brave men who tried to save their family members by putting themselves in dangerous situations.




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 23 Feb 2014

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