Here's a Happy Video of Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena

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Kakai Bautista is really blessed and has been getting attentions from good-looking guys. After ending her controversial relationship with Mario Maurer, she moved on and embraced the new chapter of her life with her rumored celebrity partner Ahron Villena.

Several videos showing a happy Kakai Bautista, after losing the Thai actor in her arms, is making the rounds on social media before the 2016 new year's eve. In an interview with Boy Abunda a few months ago, she willingly revealed some important clues about her new found lover. At some point, Kakai jokingly said that they are not yet living under one roof. However, in the recent viral video, she is seen with Ahron in a private room where the actor was performing a sexy dance at the background while Kakai was recording a video.


The 37-year-old singer and the 28-year old model, host, and actor had their sweet moments in Dubai last October 2015. A series of photos showing the happy comedienne with Ahron are compiled in a video which you can watch below.

In a separate clip, Villena was seen kissing Kakai several times. The 59-second video has also caught the attention of netizens on social media.

What can you say about their rumored relationship? Is Ahron really in love as well? Do you think that these two folks will end up in a church wedding?

While you are thinking for the comments you like to share, try watching this video. This was originally captioned, "Sex scandal video of Kakai and boyfriend Ahron Villena". 




Posted by on 04 Jan 2016

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