Hacktivists groups Anonymous Philippines and PrivateX defaced NTC

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Hacktivists groups Anonymous Philippines and PrivateX defaced NTC


Alleged members of hacktivist groups, Anonymous Philippines and PrivateX defaced the official website of the National Telecommunications Commission http://www.ntc.gov.ph on Saturday.

The hackers left a message criticizing President Benigno Aquino, saying he has done nothing while “our Filipino brothers sacrifice their life to defend Sabah.”

“Greetings, President Aquino! You told us that filipino peoples are your "Boss"and you will bring us on the right way, but what happened now?? Lack of Education,Lack of Opportunity,Lack of Cyber Security and also you failed to eliminate all corrupt officials. And now you are on the side of Malaysian Gov, many people knew that Sabah is part of the Philippines, We're not encouraging the PH Gov to declare a war on Malaysia but Philippines must defend it's sovereignty. Invading our territory by foreign country is unacceptable. Malaysia air strike in Sabah is a provocative act. We do not know how you are able to relax while our Filipino brothers sacrifice their life to defend Sabah. It seems you are a Pro-Malaysian. PH must be aware on National Security also in CyberSpace because in the past few years no security was done in many gov.ph sites. Now it is the "Daang matuwid"?”

Source: ABS-CBN news




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 16 Mar 2013

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