Getty Images demands significant suspension period of Manny Pacquiao and 2 crews

By: DiversityHuman in Sports

Getty Images, the world's leading photo agency, is demanding a suspension of Manny Pacquiao and 2 crews over a reported attack on one of their photographers, Al Bello . michael-konz-buboy-fernandez-attacked-al-bello-getty-images-photographer.jpg Seconds after Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden, two key members of his team allegedly assaulted Getty Images photographer Al Bello because they were angry that Bello was shooting pictures of the fallen fighter.


Bello said Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez were punching and kicking at Bello as he was trying to photograph Pacquiao, who was face first down on the mat. (see the left photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports).

Manny Pacquiao has already apologized to Lizanne Vaughn, corporate counsel of Getty Images and Michael Koncz had issued an apology via The Ring.

Despite the apologies given, Lizanne Vaughn has written a letter to the Nevada Athletic Commission asking for a "significant suspension period" for the trio.

Source: Yahoo News, GMA news

The two Pacquiao crews who assaulted Al Bello definitely have a substantial reasons why they acted that way. Now, considering if you were in the position of the crews, for sure your primary concern is the critical status of your fighter who needs health assessment thinking that Manny Pacquiao requires immediate assistance because the KO is always a life threatening situation.

Assuming that Al Bello was causing obstruction or has caused a delay for the crews to attend Manny's health then obviously I will even bash Al Bello of being an irresponsible photographer.

On the other hand, if Michael Koncz and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez did it because they don't want the Filipino champ being photographed while he was on the mat then I won't take side with the Pacquiao crews.

To make my message clear, I will elaborate my stand further. First, photographers inside the MGM Grand Garden are allowed to take photos even the spectators may do so. Second, it's their job and the reason why they were sent by their bosses is primarily to take pictures of the event especially the highlights of the fight. When someone gets KO'd, he should be photographed because that's a highlight. Third, a photo of Manny Pacquiao means business. If I were in MGM, I won't take too many pictures of Manuel Marquez, he's nothing compared to Manny's photos regardless if Manny was photographed lying on the canvas or not.

Now, I don't want to look like a professional investigator. So I will leave this issue to the Nevada Athletic Commission because right now I am thinking that Lizanne Vaughn is not just pressing for more apologies but Lizanne is targeting Manny Pacquiao's team with a cash settlement.




Posted by on 16 Dec 2012

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