Facebook, No to Dislike Button but Offers Something Close to it

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Facebook, No to Dislike Button but Offers Something Close to it


Mark zuckerberg is still not convinced to deploy Facebook dislike button but his team plans to roll out ways to capture the reasons of social media users as to why they don't like something in their News Feeds.

At present, when someone hides something from his News Feed, Facebook starts feeding you less content from that person or page. But Mark's team is opening a new way to better understand why you hide the photo, status update, article or advertisement.

Facebook's Product Manager for Ads Fidji Simo told ABC News, "Over the next few months what you will see from us is more on why people like and don't like certain things in their feed. We are planning to refine those so users can tell us exactly the reasons they are hiding that piece of content." Simo, however, didn't get into the details on what the implementation will look like, but said Facebook will be testing the new menus and options soon and that users can expect to see some of the tweaks over the next three to four months. She explained that users would be able to easily tell Facebook if something was offensive or uninteresting right from the feed stream.

"If a lot of people start reporting that something is offensive, it's something we would probably not show to a lot more users," she explained. "If you tell us that something is uninteresting we would show you less about that, but we wouldn't use that signal with other users."

The company offers something similar when you hide an advertisement that appears on the right rail of the website. If you choose to hide an ad there, it will ask you if you found it uninteresting, misleading, explicit, offensive, or repetitive. Right now if you hide a post in your desktop or mobile feed, Facebook doesn't offer those detailed options yet. In fact, it doesn't know if it is the topic or the person you aren't interested in seeing. Currently, you can adjust the frequency of updates from specific people or pages by making settings tweaks. Or you can more actively "like" or comment on posts to tell Facebook what sort of content you do like to see.

But the move isn't just to improve the experience of seeing posts you enjoy from your friends, according to ABC news. It claimed that the tweaks are an effort to help Facebook feed users more relevant ads, ads it hopes users will click on more. Simo said the new functionality will be rolled out for all types of feed posts, including ads and sponsored stories. The forthcoming customization features, though beneficial for users, could be even more beneficial to Facebook's business, say experts.

"This will be as valuable, if not more valuable, for Facebook because they will have more information about the users' likes, dislikes and preferences," said Rebecca Lieb, digital media and advertising analyst at the Altimeter Group.

The statement of Rebecca Lieb seems to coincide with the claims of Simo;

"The more relevant ads are, the better the Facebook experience. Our objective is to align advertising with people's specific interests," Simo said.

Oh well, the CEO of Facebook is craving for more revenues then. An algorithm that protects its users from falling into malicious or fake like button is a better enhancement compared to this new changes.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 25 Jul 2013

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