DOH to launch SEX program for call center agents

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DOH to launch SEX program for call center agents


The Department of Health (DOH) in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will promote "SEX" program to call center agents.

These two government agencies are alarmed by the unhealthy lifestyle of many call center agents as their work schedule leads them to smoking and lack of sleep. Many call center agents are also into unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, exposing them to various illnesses like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Thus, a SEX program shall be introduced to them in June 2013.

SEX stands for stress-free, eat the right food and exercise.

The introduction of SEX among call center agents is the objective of the iCare Healthy Lifestyle Office Caravan project that was launched at the DOH office in Manila this week. Under the project, teams of experts from the DOH will go to business process outsource (BPO) companies to conduct a 30-minute lecture about healthy lifestyle and how they could relieve stress before office hours for three months. Those who will be found needing medication will be assisted.

The project will be piloted next month in 30 BPO companies in Metro Manila, covering some 200,000 call center agents. - PhilStar news

Update#1: DOH drops 'SEX' in slogan for call center agents after BPO representatives said that their sector was already being stigmatized by reports that HIV infections were higher among their workers.

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