Suspect Who Raped a Woman in a Colorum Van Killed by Police

By: DiversityHuman in News

The second rapist who went hiding after the primary suspect got arrested this week was killed by the police officers when he attempted to grab the pistol of the authorities. The man was linked to the rape incident involving two women passengers who boarded the colorum van last Friday morning.

The suspect identified as Alfie "Buddy" Turado was mobbed by the residents in Barangay Obrero, Quezon City before the arrestig officers arrived at the area.

At the police precinct, Alfie admitted that he was the accomplice of Wilfredo Lorenzo but he denied his involvement in the rape case. He said to the detectives that Lorenzo forced him to drive the colorum van so Wilfredo can execute his plans of molesting the passengers.

Reason Behind the Killing of the Rape Suspect

According to the police report, The investigating team convinced Alfie to show them the location of the loots. However, the suspect allegedly tried to take the handgun of one police officer while they were on their way to the location of the crime.

From the same report, the rapist sustained critical gunshots on his chest and neck but he was still alive when he was rushed to East Avenue Medical Center.




Posted by on 17 Jun 2016

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