Cherrie Anderson: Pinoy vocalist of Ooberfuse to sing 2013 World Youth Day Anthem "Hope of the Dawn" in Brazil

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Cherrie Anderson: Pinoy vocalist of Ooberfuse to sing 2013 World Youth Day Anthem in Brazil

Cherrie Anderson reportedly a pinoy vocalist of Ooberfuse, a London-based electro-pop band, has been chosen to record the English version of the official anthem of the 2013 World Youth Day from July 23 to 28 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The band translated “Hope of the Dawn” from the original Portuguese composition “Esperanca do Amanhecer.”

“We are very happy, honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to sing the official World Youth Day song in English,” Cherrie Anderson said in an interview with GMA News Online.

Ooberfuse was formed in 2010 when its three members met at a church event, started to play music together, and joined the “Live and Unsigned” competition, where it was named Most Original Band and One of the Best Unsigned Live Musical Acts in the UK.

Anderson admitted that her Filipino background has a big influence to their music style.

“In some of our songs, we incorporate a Filipino instrument—the kulintang—which many of the UK people love,” said Anderson.

Cherrie Anderson whose mom is from Leyte enjoys Filipino food like inihaw na baboy, tortang talong, pandesal, and taho.

She also makes regular visits to the Philippines.

Source: GMA news




Posted by on 24 Feb 2013

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