Woman's Brutal Treatment of a Senior Citizen Infuriates Netizens

By: DiversityHuman in Social Media

A brutal treatment of another elderly man infuriates Filipino netizens when the video became viral on social media. The unidentified man is too old enough to repel the strikes from a woman who didn't bother if she would kill the old man.

Several furious netizens are trying to put all the clues together hoping that they could locate the victim. They are thinking that this could be just somewhere in Luzon.

In the video, the suspect believed to be a pregnant woman scoops water to help the man in taking his daily bath. For whatever reason, the woman used the dipper to hit the elderly family member. Several blows went straight onto the head of the senior citizen.


The video was already shared to non-government organizations including the social media arm of ABS-CBN and GMA news.

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Meanwhile, any form of human maltreatment are generally considered a crime but according to a certain netizen the woman in the video would still have to undergo court trials before she can be punished of her wrongdoings.

Warning: The following video contains scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences. Viewer's discretion is advised.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 27 Jun 2016

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