Boston Strangler Case |DNA Tests may prove him Guilty

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Boston Strangler Case |DNA Test Result of Albert DeSalvo may prove him Guilty


Albert DeSalvo, who once claimed to be the Boston Strangler, may finally be convicted if his DNA would match with the one in the water bottle recovered from a construction site.

According to CBSnews, authorities plan to exhume DeSalvo's remains for DNA testing and perhaps putting to rest speculation that Albert De Salvo may not have been the notorious killer after all. During a late-morning news conference on Thursday, authorities were able to extract DNA from a preserved semen sample that was found on DeSalvo's last victim, 19-year-old Mary Sullivan, who was strangled with her own stocking in her Beacon Hill apartment on tony Charles Street. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said that he expects investigators to find an exact match when the evidence is compared with DeSalvo's DNA to finally resolve the rape and murder case of Sullivan.


Albert Henry DeSalvo is the prime suspect of eleven Boston-area women between the ages of 19 and 85 who were sexually savaged between 1962 and 1964. The crimes terrorized the region and grabbed national headlines. He was was not imprisoned for murders but for a series of rapes. Then DiSalvo made a jailhouse confession claiming that he was the Boston Strangler and provided details on the 11 murdered women. But DiSalvo was never charged in the case and was found dead in his cell under mysterious circumstances at Walpole state prison in 1973.




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