Baron Geisler Jailed for lasciviousness|Prisoned for Touching Breasts of Patrizha

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Baron Geisler Jailed for lasciviousness|Prisoned for Touching Breasts of Patrizha


Makati Trial Court ruled actor Baron Geisler guilty of acts of lasciviousness for touching the breasts of Patrizha Martinez and asking her to have sex with him.

Presiding Judge Barbara Aleli Briones of Makati Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 6 on Monday sentenced Geisler to at least six (6) months to two (2) years imprisonment and ordered Geisler to pay Php 30,000 for moral damages.

Patrizha Maree Martinez was overheard saying “Thank God” while the 12-page court decision was being read.

“Justice has been rendered in this case. My client was very pleased with the decision of the court,” said Patrizha's counsel, Salvador Panelo.

On the other hand, Geisler’s lawyer Carlo Alentajan clarified that the case is not yet over. Geisler's camp will appeal the decision at the Regional Trial Court. In a statement, Geisler’s lawyer said,

“There is no final decision yet. Under the law, Baron (Geisler) is still presumed innocent.”

The case filed by the 27-year-old daughter of Yayo Aguila and William Martinez stemmed from an incident on April 26, 2008 when Baron Geisler allegedly touched the breasts of the Patrizha Martinez who was only 21 at the time during a party at the Fiamma Bar in Makati City. - PDI news




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