Azkals wins against Cambodia to top Group E

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Azkals wins against Cambodia to top Group E


The Philippine Azkals outclassed Cambodia, 8-0, in their AFC Challenge Cup qualifying match that was suspended for more than an hour after the Rizal Memorial Stadium pitch was rendered unplayable by a heavy downpour.

They were well on their way to make more goals as they took a commanding 6-0 lead after 65 minutes, but at that point, the football field was already unplayable as heavy rains created several puddles over the pitch.

Game officials called two 30-minute suspensions, and after inspecting the pitch, allowed the match to continue.


During the game continuation, Patino had a clear chance to make it 7-0, but his header bounced off the crossbar, and Angel Guirado's attempt moments later went wide.

It was a tremendous victory for the Azkals, who came into the match looking to equal or surpass Turkmenistan's 7-0 victory against Cambodia last Friday.

Phil Younghusband scored four goals, Javier Patino marked a memorable debut with a brace (2 goals), and the Azkals seized the top spot in Group E with Sunday's win.

Source: ABS-CBN news




Posted by on 24 Mar 2013

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