Art-Acuña-Gretchen-Barretto Love Affair?

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Art Acuña-Gretchen Barretto Love Affair?


People are asking the real score between Art Acuña and socialite-actress Gretchen Barretto and I guess the same question brought you here.

Well, it's true that there has been rumors romantically linking Art Acuña to Gretchen but they aren't dating. In a press conference held on Thursday for the 9th edition of Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Acuña said;

"We're friends, but we also understand that people like to read stuff. Media is media. Every bit of news is going to be news, whether you like or not. You're in the public eye, you're an entertainer. Those things are going to happen. You just smile at it, there's no truth to it anyway."

In a report of ABS-CBN news, Acuña claimed that he and Barretto are "good friends," as he is with Tony "Boy" Cojuangco. "There's nothing going on between us, but we are good friends. We like having a drink together. Tony Boy is a friend of mine. It's all in good fun."

There you go, no love affair between Acuna and Gretchen--they "just drink together" and they're just having "FUN". Okay? :)




Posted by on 04 Jul 2013

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