The authorities was allegedly puzzled as to why a taxi would be in that area considering that there are no residents in the location. The police and the village officials hurriedly approached and inspected the vehicle. They found the girl crying and was also squeezing herself underneath the car's dashboard. The authorities were shocked seeing the grade 5 student who was already half naked.
The taxi driver was arrested by the cops and has been secured by the Antipolo police.
 At the police station, the suspect vehemently refused the fingerprinting and mugshot session. He was also uncomfortable having the journalists around him. 
With proper psywar tactics, Soriano allowed the police to take his fingerprints and his mugshot. However, during the interview, he firmly denied the allegations that he raped the girl. The taxi driver also said that the incident was a sabotage and he was just merely framed-up by the authorities.
The medico-legal examination of the girl turned out to be negative from any force penetration in her sexual organ. However, the authorities would still press charges for the failed rape attempt and for the alleged child abuse.

In the past weeks, we've been receiving a lot of reports involving cab drivers committing sexual violations and harassments. We are also alarmed that in Antipolo, more and more rape incidents and similar crimes are published each month.