Adobo Connection cooks special dish, Hell More Fun in the Philippines

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Adobo Connection cooks special dish, Hell More Fun in the Philippines


In response to the controversial depiction of Manila as "Gates of Hell", Adobo Connection, a local restaurant chain made an announcement on Facebook that the restaurant decided to cook a special dish for American author Dan Brown.

According to the publication of ABS-CBN news, "Adobo Connection posted a post on its Facebook page, which it said is in response to Brown’s latest novel “Inferno.”

Adobo Connection wrote the following post;

“Dear Dan Brown, "Hello"from "Hell!"After reading your descriptions of Manila in your book Inferno, it struck us that you may have never been here. To correct this sad situation, Adobo Connection would be delighted to offer you a round trip ticket to visit Manila. You may refund the return leg of the ticket in case you decide to stay. After all, even Hell is more fun in the Philippines!”

A meme photo based on “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign was also attached along its post.

A short comment

The controversial work of Dan Brown draws mixed reactions from Filipino netizens. Some are calling to not support the release of the said novel while others are focusing on how we can address the perceptions of foreigners to our cities in general. will not deny that majority of the descriptions are true though we know for a fact that "Inferno" is a fiction. But considering the factions we have in our society, can anyone think of the best and most effective method to address the issues and problems mentioned in the novel of Dan Brown?




Posted by on 23 May 2013

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