ABUSADONG PROFESSOR, VIOLENTE AT HIGH BLOOD caught on video went viral in Youtube and Facebook

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"Abusadong Professor, Violente at High blood" video has gone viral in Youtube and Facebook. And the hash tag #AbusadongProfessor is also now trending in micro-blogging site,Twitter.com. abusadong-professor-montessori-pasay-branch.jpg We don't have any details yet on why the "Abusadong Professor" from Montessori Professional College in Pasay gone mad with his students.

In the short video(1 minute and 44 seconds), the conversation of the "Abusadong Professor" and some Pasay Montessori college students at the background heated in just a few seconds. The professor even posed in front of them as if he was trying to slap someone with the papers he has in his hand.

The "VIOLENT" Montessori Professional College professor went out of the classroom when he suddenly came face to face with a bystander student. He became angry and thrown the papers to the girl and he attempted to put up a fight with the girl student.

The "Violent", "HighBlood", "Abusadong Professor" continued to boil his anger towards the girl which alarmed the nearby students to get involve and stop the professor from pulling her right ear.

We can't make any final conclusions yet. We don't know who started the dirty conversation. We don't have the full story yet.

So, when you watch the video below. Please do not put your prejudices and directly blame anyone by making false assumptions.

We will make further research and we will give you updates once we get pertinent information about this incident.


The professor in the video was identified by two of DiversityHuman.com's readers

Update#2: The Abusadong Professor is no longer connected to Montessori Professional College. ABS CBN reported that the school management terminated him due to the incident.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 07 Jan 2013

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