OFW wins Lotto Jackpot Prize but Something went Wrong...

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A former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) won the lotto jackpot prize of the PCSO 6/42 lotto draw on October 2, 2014. The winner was identified as Antonio Failon Mendoza who bought his ticket at Brgy.Dacanlao, Calaca, Batangas.

The OFW initially thought that his ticket contained five winning digits but after thoroughly checking the lotto winning combinations he concluded that he got all six digits making him the winner of P12,391,600. The winning numbers published by PCSO were 09-21-31-36-40-41.


After learning that he won the jackpot prize, the lotto bettor prepared to claim the money in Manila. Unfortunately, one of the kids in their house in Batangas accidentally crumpled the ticket. His daughter-in-law suggested to use the flat iron to flattened the ticket but it even caused more damage to the thermal paper.

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Antonio Failon Mendoza still pursued to visit the PCSO office and was hoping that he could still claim the P12-million lotto prize. The general manager of PCSO, Ferdinand Rojas II, explained that they can't process the claim since the ticket is no longer readable by their lotto machines. The OFW who supposed to get his lotto jackpot prize went home empty handed.

The PCSO office implements very strict rules and ticket verification guidelines as the gaming company constantly notice a lot of people visiting the office pretending to have the winning ticket each day.

Rojas was firm in his decision and reminded all lotto bettors that "prizes will not be paid if the ticket is altered, defaced, torn, damaged or has failed any of the validation tests by PCSO."

What would you feel if you were in the position of the OFW lotto winner?




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 11 Oct 2014

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