Is Rayver Cruz Addicted to Steroids , Artificially Building Body Muscles?

By: DiversityHuman in Celebrity

Is it true that Rayver Cruz injected quite large amount of steroids to build his body muscles?

A photo of the local celebrity circulating in social media raised a question whether Rayver Cruz is addicted to steroids or not. Some netizens are also asking questions if the actor can sustain the dosage of steroids he infused to his body.

Many people are so quick in speculating that Cruz is indeed using such chemical to enhance his figure. Though it's true that steroids incredibly help in developing and increasing muscle mass, many studies revealed that too much intake of such compound can cause massive long-term effects to the human body.


Followers of Rayver are hoping that the singer, actor and dancer is not totally addicted to steroids.

Do you think that Rayver Cruz is indeed using steroids?


FYI. Anabolic steroids are taken orally or by injection mostly by bodybuilders and weightlifters to dramatically influence the production of testosterone. The goal of taking anabolic steroids is to increase muscle mass.




Posted by on 06 Oct 2014

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