Sexy stars Beauty, Meg, and Bangs are among the Few UNTOUCHED Celebrities? (Video)

By: jayleen in Celebrity

The famous Kapamilya comedian and TV host Vice Ganda challenged sexy stars Beauty, Meg, and Bangs to tell if they are still virgins in the latest episode of "Gandang Gabi Vice". The short video clip is raking thousands of Youtube views and has been shared a thousand times on Facebook as well.

The discussion started with Beauty telling her real life story. She related her attempt in putting up her own business. She said all of her efforts failed. Then Vice Ganda suddenly switched to Bangs and they talked about sexy photos she had on men's magazine. Later on, Vice Ganda asked who among them are still virgins. Beauty instantly quipped, "Nanaginip ako kagabi, virgin pa ako" which drew laughter to the studio audiences.


Watch how the local sexy celebrities reacted to the question of Vice Ganda.

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Based on the video, would you believe that Bangs Garcia, Meg Imperial, and Beauty Gonzales are no longer virgins?




Posted by on 30 Sep 2014

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