ALERT: Sexy Model Alyzza Agustin Caught due to Coding Violation but Bragged an Odd Incident on Facebook

By: jayleen in News

Alyzza Agustin, alleged EA (Executive Assistant) of Camp Crame high ranking officer, was reportedly caught due to coding violation but apparently the arresting enforcer withdrew the case after the netizen presented an identification card bearing the name of Police Director Alexander C. Ignacio Cese.

Alyzza Agustin, who appeared in FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2014, mentioned the incident on her social media account and bragged how she escaped from being charged with coding violation.

"Nahuli na naman ako dahil sa coding but because of you Boss Alex wala ng huli huli. Thank you so much sa napaka-useful mong card with matching dedication pa #happykid.


The screenshot above was taken from the post of Top Gear Philippines where netizens are bashing the model. Here's the proof how the post draws the ire of the public and social media users.


When we browsed her official Facebook page, the controversial post was no longer available. All we noticed were some violent comments from several netizens. The composite image below were seen from her social media account.


What's your take on this trending post? Do you think that Alyzza Agustin needs to issue a public apology regarding the traffic coding violation that she committed somewhere in the metro? What disciplinary method needs to be imposed to the Police Director who issued the alleged VIP ID card?




Posted by on 29 Sep 2014

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