Badly Beaten Anne Curtis(Video) | Blood Ransom Movie Trailer

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The 29-year-old TV host and actress Anne Curtis is seen badly beaten in her upcoming Hollywood film titled "Blood Ransom". The movie trailer which runs for 41 seconds reveals Anne Curtis' first day of shooting, the ABS-CBN news reports.

In the video, Anne Curtis is seen with a lot of blood all over her face. She warned co-star Alexander Doetsch (Jeremiah ) that a man is chasing them. It's a very short clip and it doesn't show a conclusive story line. However, in a separate movie trailer and promotional photos, it showed the badly beaten Anne Curtis holding Jeremiah "with her sharp fingernails pressed against his chest."


The local fans of Anne Curtis are so eager to watch the most-awaited first Hollywood film of the famous Kapamilya star. Some netizens said they are certain that Anne showcased the best of her talent and the producer of the movie won't have any regret in hiring the fabulous actress.

ABS-CBN news reported that "Blood Ransom" is scheduled for an international release in October. This Hollywood movie of Curtis was initially filmed in mid-2012. Back then, Anne Curtis filed several days of leaves from the producers of the favorite local noon time program "It's Showtime," to shot the film in United States.

Watch the clip and see the beaten Anne Curtis.

Meanwhile, Rappler issued a summary of the Blood Ransom early this year.

The story revolves around Jeremiah, who kidnaps Crystal (Curtis), the young girlfriend of his American boss Roman. However, his plan fails and he offers to return her, but she refuses. They eventually fall in love and have to be on the run as Roman's henchmen chase them.

On the other hand, earlier mentioned that Blood Ransom is "a suspense film penned by Filipino-American Francis de la Torre, who also serves as the director of the movie".




Posted by on 26 Sep 2014

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