Because of PEANUTS! Nestor Colonia Loses Medal at the ASIAN Weightlifting Competition

By: jayleen in Sports

The sole athlete, Nestor Colonia, representing the Philippines at the Asian Games 56-kg weightlifting category loses his campaign for a bronze medal after failing to lift a load of 120kg. According to various sources, the cause of the loss was the meal that was not delivered on time by the organizer on the day of the competition. The poor athlete reportedly settled to a pouch of peanuts hoping that it will suffice the needed energy for the competition.


A report by local media revealed that the meal of Nestor Colonia was supposed to be delivered at around 4p.m. After a couple of minutes of wait, the hungry weightlifter opted to grab some peanuts as an alternative to his full meal. According to Colonia's mentor, the athlete already showed signs of weakness while he was doing regular warm up routines.

Fifteen minutes before the competition, the organizer arrived at the venue and handed the food to Nestor but according to his mentor it was already too late. Nestor failed to regain his strength.

It was an awful ending for his bronze medal campaign but Nestor Colonia gave his best. You might want to watch the failed lift attempts of Colonia at the Asian weightlifting competition.

FYI. Colonia's official record is 125kg, hence 120-kg shouldn't be a big challenge for him.




Posted by on 24 Sep 2014

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