Remembering the Great Robin Williams

By: venice in People

Days had passed since the shocking death of Robin Williams due to some sort of suicide and people all over the world are continuously mourning.

When you are a Robin Williams kind of person, everyone would just love you. The fans, whether they just encountered him somewhere in their neighborhood, when Williams was filming a movie somewhere, or when he was watching a movie inside a cinema with his family (if ever something like that happened), would always be in deep sadness wishing that somehow they would have another chance to meet their idol and take a picture with him or seat in a café drinking their favorite coffee blend.


When you are a famous personality (when I say famous, it’s the Robin Williams and Michael Jackson levels) all the people around the world would absolutely become broken hearted; that if you die, you would be able to see millions of people who are utterly saying your name. When you die, it’s like you are a man of thousands of wives and hundreds of sons and daughters with millions of grandsons and granddaughters. It’s as if you should not die yet until all your grandchildren reach the age of 18 and make their own lives alone. Something that is too difficult to explain yet too superficial to feel.

I just felt the need of saying this: I’d realized that the famous you are, the more people would be affected if something bad happened to you, and that is something which feels good to know and sad to sink in at your mind at the same time. Of course, these people, the big names who already died, would always be part of the supporters’ lives and that could not be changed.

This piece is dedicated to Robin Williams who just happened to be Jumanji and Aladdin’s Genie (that’s why I knew you) and to those who love him so much. May you rest in peace, happiest man. You’ve been a great celebrator of life, as what they say, and I believe you really are.




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Posted by on 21 Aug 2014

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