Reasons Why Lucy is an Exceptional Movie in 2014

By: Mikalalalo in Entertainment

Lucy is a movie released last July 25, 2014 and for some reasons it instantly caught the attention of movie goers. Lucy is a science-fiction and action film directed by Luc Besson and produced by Europacorp.


In this post, I will list special reasons why the movie earns an exceptional rating from an array of professional movie critics.

1. The director, writer, editor of the movie itself spent years just to come up with the final script of the movie. Luc Besson in his interview in Hollywood said, “I started doing the script years ago but it took me 10 years to finally complete and finish the movie, I guess I wasn’t smart enough last 10 years ago.”

10 years in the making is totally a fair equivalent to what the director released. Indeed an intelligent movie. Being the director, writer, and editor of the movie is unbelievable. I guess, Lucy is the female version of Besson(Luc-Lucy). Even, Scarlet Johansson who played the role of Lucy said, “he (director) really knows what he wants to portray, by the way he moves the camera, every set is like an imagination to all of us.”

2. Excellent concept of "Out of your mind". Lucy is someone you would not envision in your daily life, just an ordinary girl but everything changes when she was drugged using CPH4. As a result she begins acquiring increasing power and enhanced physical and mental capabilities like telepathy, telekinesis, mental time travel, and she can choose not to feel pain or other discomforts, in addition to other abilities. She kills off her present captors and escape from them without hesitation. She is a woman who transforms into merciless warrior beyond human logic.

Scarlet admits she wanted to look physically fit in the whole movie, though they did not took such fighting scenes, she wanted to look “this girl can hold a gun” since she is the girl of ‘out of your mind’

3. Wish to have a power like Lucy. People tend to dream of this because of her indescribable character and suitable power even relocating CPH4 in her body, it stays and grows within her. After watching the movie you would wish that CPH4 exist and sewn in your body as well. The power she got: ability to know peoples perception, fearless to all kinds of movements, able to control peoples mind and time, to reach your own 100% cerebral capacity and disappears within the space time continuum, you’re unstoppable.

4. Moral of being Lucy. The movie is about intelligence which also taught viewers what real intelligence means as a human.

“Everything is connected and existence is only proven through time.” –Lucy
“The main point of life is to pass on knowledge.” –Professor Norman
Closing remark: a text message sent “I am everywhere.” –Lucy (which means people are everywhere.)

So, do you think that Lucy is an exceptional movie in 2014?




Mickaela R. TanBonLiong is the writer behind the article you read above. Has grown up fantasizing "sex and city" series or movie. I've been wanting to be a writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Writing, Clothes, Girlfriends, Good Places, and to be with someone I could sing and dance through (if you know what I mean) is what I call life. To be able to be an author of a book of what I can call my own is my dream. Writing for DiversityHuman feels like I am one step closer to it. :-)

Posted by on 24 Aug 2014

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