Top 8 Reasons why “Lightning Frog bicycle headlight” is a Must Buy Product

By: Mikalalalo in Technology

Huggabe is selling a “Lightning Frog Bicycle light” a device that will keep you safe every time and everywhere.

Is biking your kind of sport? Or do you ever think of getting fit in a very adventurous way? Well, if yes! Bicycle is for you and you must read this!


Bicycle is proven to be a good and effective equipment to stay healthy and it's an affordable transportation as well. It allows you to travel everywhere like in narrow roads, sidewalks, even in mountains, etc. Not only that, who in this world does not hate being stuck in the middle of the road while you just want to be ahead of time?

Bike is a good way out from experiencing traffic jam. Since you're alone on it, so you have the freedom to swerve and maneuver along cars.

Why “Lightning Frog bicycle headlight” is a must buy product?

1. A bicycle device that fits in your pocket.
It is a very handy device, small and light weight that will never bother you from bringing it everywhere.

2. It has Super Bright White LED Lights.
Thinking of having a Night stroll? Not a problem! It will surely give you a bright night that will keep you safe.

3. Water proof basis.
Whatever the weather may be, rain or shine you can use it! There is a frog that will protect you. It is made from Silicon and resistant to dirts, and moisture.

4. A friendly device for all ages.
Whether you’re a kid, commuter, or into sports, as long as you use bike it is useful for you. You don’t need to worry about having a hard time putting it on, you just have to mount it, it fits to any bike or scooter.

5. It has flashing setting.
You buy it, own it! It has 2 CR2032 Wafer Batteries Power 2 LED Lights Between 50 and 150 Hours.

6. Lifetime Guarantee.
A product of Momber Ventures and Fulfilled by Amazon.

7. Affordable price.
The amount is give a-way! Before it was $35.99 but it lessens up to $27.95. NOW it is on sale: $14.95 and FREE shipping on orders. You save $21.04 (58%)

8. Cute.
Not only a useful device but also a attractive one, a device that you will never regret buying one, two, three or even purchasing it for a gift.

For more details of this product, please visit this page.

Here’s a testimony about purchasing the “Lightning frog head light” by one of the happy buyers.

I love this light. My daughter needed a light for her bike and was looking for something for the front since she likes to ride along at dusk with all of her little friends. She saw this and it looked so cute! I was sceptical because it looked more like a fad item .. but no .. she got it and yes it was compact ....and I will admit .. I rolled my eyes. She did put it on her bike all by herself (she is eight) but when she turned it on it was bright. She loves it! She says her friends have asked her where she got it. She also told me that it helps her see things clearer when it gets dark. I will definitely buy more and gift.

So what are you waiting for? GRAB ONE NOW!




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