Fifth Pagotan's Revelation | Bisexual PBB Teen Housemate

By: Mikalalalo in Celebrity

PBB Teen housemate: Fifth Pagotan, has something to say and I am proud that he got the courage to finally tell it to the public. ALL IN REVELATION!

In 2006, a controversial confession of Rustom Padilla regarding his sexual preference, while he was in the Pinoy Big Brother house, made it to the headline news. It was the most talked about topic for months in social media. The previous action star broke down in tears and admitted he is gay on the national television.


This year, another controversial revelation was made by 22-year-old Fifth Pagotan. On PBB's 81th day, July 16, 2014, he admitted his sexuality. A sneak preview of it was released on July 17.

The PBB hosts, Robi Domingo and John Prats, reportedly informed the PBB teenagers regarding negative feedback and comments from the netizens. Some of the social media users became so vocal about their observations on the PBB teenagers. A certain comment reads;

“Ayan na naman si .” Parang bakla magreklamo kaya siguro di sila magkasunod ni __” #alammona

The comment stroked the 22-year-old Fifth, who felt the post was intended to him. In the preview of the episode on July 17, Pagotan said “Hindi ako straight, siguro na lang, bisexual ako” to his fellow PBB housemate. He also stated that “Hindi ko alam kung magiiba yung mga tao, kung sino yung mga totoo o hindi.”

During the confession session, Fifth mentioned "Naisip ko lang po if i-clear ko lang po yung isyu sa sekswalidad."

"Kung marami man ang hindi tanggap yun, yun lang po, basta tanggap ko ang sarili ko at mga taong nagmamahal sa akin," he added.

I got to say that it is okay! “Wala naman masama.” Actually I find him strong to finally speak for the truth on what he really feels. I admire him for admitting that he doesn't give a shit to those people who won't accept him because what really count is, he finally accepts himself and several people understand him as well. Fifth, spread your wings and FLY! ~ Just be yourself and we, who understands you, got your back!

Fifth Pagotan entered the PBB together with his twin, Fourth, the brother of GMA-Talent Chariz Solomon. In response, she expressed her support to his brother on her twitter account and said, “Salamat sa pagmamahal kay kambal, at sa mga hindi namin nagugustuhan na opinion jan,ok lang yan, kung ikinasaya nyo po, masaya narin kami :)”.

Fifth Pagotan also reportedly admitted that he was bullied during his younger years.




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Posted by on 19 Jul 2014

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