Mississippi man was dead, he came back to life, and now he's positively DEAD! How did it happen?

By: Spoon in News

A Mississippi man, who miraculously returned to life after being declared dead a couple of weeks ago, finally died at his home. He was 78.


An international news agency confirmed the death of Walter Williams, a farmer from Holmes County, Mississippi. He was first declared dead on February 26, 2014. The coroner claimed Williams was completely lifeless and noted zero pulse rate upon checking his vital signs. Upon completion of his routine check, the coroner placed him in a body bag and transported his remains to a funeral home, but something strange happened.

According to coroner Dexter Howard, Williams unexpectedly moved and started to kick his legs when they were about to conduct a procedure at the embalming room. This prompted them to call the paramedics. The practitioners confirmed his heartbeat and an ambulance rushed him into a nearby hospital. He was fully revived but medical experts failed to explain how the old man was able to breath after hours of being dead.

The longtime farmer popularly known as "Snowball" was released a few days later. Unfortunately, after a two-week miracle, he was pronounced dead at his home.

It was a shocking miracle that he was given an extension of his life. His supposed second death was allegedly due to natural causes. William's nephew, Eddie Hester, told local journalists that William is fully gone this time.

Rest in peace "Snowball".




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 15 Mar 2014

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