Pregnant Woman Drove Car into Open Sea in Orlando, Florida

By: Abielle in News

Florida, USA — A pregnant South Carolina woman identified as Ebony Wilkerson allegedly intervened bystanders from rescuing her three children, who were screaming on the water rushing inside the window of her van, after she drove her car into the open sea.

People and bystanders on the beach didn't mind the pregnant suspect as they helped the boy and two girls ages 3, 9 and 10, through the minivan last Tuesday in Daytona beach. The suspect said she had no intention of hurting her children and that while she was driving so close to the sea, the waves just pulled her in. However, her children had another version of the story and said;

"Mom tried to kill us," and that "Mom is crazy."


Despite her claim that “Everyone was ok,” the 32-year-old suspect is still charged with first-degree attempted murder, three counts each and even child abuse. She is now under the custody of the sheriff and was hospitalized after the incident.

The innocent victims mentioned that their mom had been having fights with her husband and that recently she’s acting crazy and “talking to Jesus.” The children said their mother was driving in the beach when she suddenly rolled up the windows and directly drove into the waves.

According to an affidavit, one of the children asked their mother and she just said “I am going to keep us all safe” and that they should “close their eyes and go to sleep”. In an interview conference, Jhonson added that Wilkerson was going to “Take them to a better place.”

Tim Tesseneer, one of the rescuers said that Ebony Wilkerson's eyes were wide open and she seemed “possessed” at the time. She even tried to stop a rescuer from going inside the minivan to rescue the children. Harrell, sister of the suspect said that she had hidden her car keys from her but she managed to find another set and drove off.

Source: Yahoo! news




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