Luis Manzano proud Boyfriend of Angel Locsin (Romantic Relationship is back)

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Manila, Philippines - The long lost romantic relationship of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin is finally back as Luis made a public revelation on national television that he is a proud boyfriend (for the second time) of the sexy and talented Kapamilya actress.

Manzano revealed on Sunday that Angel Locsin and him are officially back together after months of attempt in lighting up their past romantic relationship. In an interview on "Buzz ng Bayan", Luis admitted that he is once again a proud boyfriend of Angel Locsin.


When asked how they rekindled their romance, Manzano quickly admitted the truth. He said it all started after Christmas when both of them opened their communication to each other. Luis said that he might have failed to greet her last Christmas but their text after the holiday season created a spark between them. Following the exchange of SMS, Luis said that he already felt the feeling he had before with Angel Locsin.

“May konti na. I’m not sure if it was reciprocated but at least on my side, meron. Siguro a few days after that, that was when everything fell into place,” he said to Boy Abunda.

When asked about the rumored wedding this December, Luis clarified that it's unlikely that Angel Losin and him will get married this year. They could have a plan in the future to tie the knot as he jokingly said to Boy Abunda, "in 2015, we’ll call you." He continued by saying;

I am very, very happy. Grabe how happy I am. Ang pinanggagalingan nun is faith -- faith that there is something called ‘in God’s perfect time.’ It proves that every smile or every tear you go through in life has its reason. And you’re supposed to be who you are no matter what you’ve experienced in the’re supposed to be there for a reason.

Meanwhile, Luis stood firm that Angel Locsin is not the reason behind his breakup with Jennylyn Mercado. He even asked, "How is it even possible?". He continued by asserting that for around three years both of them didn't have any communication at all. Luis said that Angel was even scared to see him for the first time opting that it would cause so much negativity to either of them.

Luis Manzano insisted that his former girlfriend, Jennilyn Mercado, already had the knowledge and true reason behind their controversial breakup. In a statement, the actor said:

“Our families know the reason why we broke up. Our friends, people close to us know the reason why we broke up and we are definitely sure it’s not Angel. She was never a factor of the breakup.”

For the meantime, we will wait any further announcement of Manzano. Hopefully, he will have a marriage proposal to Angel Locsin. Well, If I were in the shoes of Manzano, I would definitely make that move and settle sooner considering that both of them are already mature enough for that kind of relationship.




Posted by on 17 Feb 2014

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