Marijuana and other DRUGS all over Justin Bieber's House

By: Abielle in Celebrity

Prohibited drugs, including boxes of Marijuana, were found all over Justin Bieber’s house when it was raided last Tuesday, the TMZ gossip website reports.


According to various sources, L.A. County Sheriff's deputies have searched Justin Bieber’s house and found weeds inside two cookie jars. In the mansion, investigators discovered around four to five empty bottles of codeine. There were three bongs found as well – in the TV room and his kitchen. There were Styrofoam everywhere which also had drawings and it includes the names of the drug users.

Police were told that Justin uses the cups for Sizzurp which could be Justin’s favourite drug. They were told that Justin even draws on cups after using them.

Sprite is usually mixed with Sizzurp but local police were told Justin prefers pineapple Fanta for this one.  Discolored Fanta bottles were found and they were told that it was because of codeine.

"Swisher sweets" were scattered all over the house too which are cigars used to smoke marijuana. Detectives were told that Justin even has a special room for smoking alone and it even has hookah pipes in it. According to sources, just when the cops have shown up, some of Justin’s friends went inside the room and flush the illegal stuff right down the toilet.

There were question asked on why the cops didn't take the items for investigation. The cops immediately defended their actions and said they were actually only looking for surveillance cameras in Bieber's home to lead them to another set of evidence they need regarding the alleged egg attack in the neighborhood. They were not even allowed to take one jar containing such items since it would void the whole purpose of the warrant.

Justin allegedly has serious problems with drugs and he is being pushed to go to a rehab facility, which he declines. Some were considering that Justin probably has a medical marijuana which makes it legal for him to use the prohibited drugs.




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Posted by on 21 Jan 2014

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