Justin Bieber eggs neighbor's house for revenge, iPhone taken for investigation

By: Abielle in Celebrity

So Justin Bieber's iPhone is taken and is now searched for clues since he was allegedly involved in egging their neighbor’s place. Sheriff's deputies raided his house Tuesday morning. The sheriff's technical crew is looking for evidence in Justin's smartphone that he might be bragging or even making fun of what happened. However, investigators did say that Bieber shouldn't be worrying about issues regarding sex, porn, nude photos or even prohibited drugs in his phone because they’re only after the issue about the egg attack.


Photo credit: Hollywoodlife.com

"We're looking for anything that has to do with this particular incident," the detective said.

Justin Bieber’s security cameras to view his house could be their best evidence if they could find clips from there. They said that the camera is extensive and it covers most part of his house.

The egging attack occurred Thursday night January 9, in Oaks community in California. It’s a place for A-listers from sports, entertainment, etc. Around $20,000 was the damage left at the neighbor's house and is a clear statement for prison time.

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Many neighbors have long been complaining on how Justin Bieber has been speeding all over the place and one of them even said that Bieber once spit on his face after an argument. According to The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, there wasn't any evidence for the spitting and speeding so they just declined the case and didn't prosecute. Only warnings were given to him. Justin is also known for vandalism issues in the neighborhood.


Justin's strained relationship with his neighbors had gotten worse. After Justin egged his neighbor's house, the victim reportedly wants him out of the country, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

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Meanwhile, Lil Za was in Bieber’s home and the deputies found illegal drugs right in front of him. Thompson said that Lil Za is currently arrested for a felony for obtaining drugs.

Whatever is going on with Justin Bieber, I’m pretty sure the police could handle it. I just hope Justin’s great success hasn't gone way too deep in his head for there’s no limit to what he can do.




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 19 Jan 2014

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