Man Marries a Doll (Davecat)

By: Abielle in Lifestyle

Davecat, an online pseudonym he goes by, is a 40 year old IT worker who lives with his “real dolls” and prefers them over real people.

Davecat became part of a documentary called guys and dolls which show different types of men have relations, both emotionally and physically with their so-called “Real dolls” that weigh 100 pounds to make it feel like a real living person. They have movable lips, a removable tongue and “lady parts” for men to use. They are purchased for around $6000 and up.


Since then, Davecat says he’s still very much attached to his real doll, Shichan and she is the same with him. He says she even enjoys footrubs and it’s probably one of her favourite things in the world. That it’s one of her best assets and that he is inclined to agree.

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He knows what people think about him that having a synthetic partner is beyond their realm of possibilities. Davecat invited a psychologist to speak with him, Dr. Tim Ring. When Davecat is asked by the psychologist if there is a part of him that feels that his relationship with the doll is peculiar, he replies that it’s only a matter of time before people start choosing the synthetic option over real people.

Even if the psychologist implies that the doll could not see, hear or feel, Davecat still holds his ground. Dr. Tim just then puts it into understanding that the doll provides him a relief from pain and asks Davecat what the pain could be for him. Davecat mentions loneliness as his source of pain. He explains it no further. The doctor just then assumes that the doll makes him feel good and it’s fulfilling that he’s not hurting anybody else so he says “Knock yourself out!”

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Davecat is very much aware that he just plays along and pretends that his doll could see and hear if that’s what makes him happy then he sees no reason to change.

He placed an order for a second doll and decided to name her Ellaina. He says that his first doll would be his wife and that Ellaina would be the living girlfriend. “It’ll be a modern family”, Davecat says.

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