What Dogs Say? Crappy New Year! (Dogs Tremble whenever they hear Fireworks)


Have you ever wondered why does your pet dogs momentarily shiver while grasping for air and kept on giving you a hint that were about to have a heart attack every time they hear loud noises like thunder and fireworks? Are you having a hard time chasing them when they run and hide under the tables, sofa, chairs and closets? They are just showing signs of having a phobia with fireworks and other loud noises which is something that’s already common for the dogs to possess.


They often find the thunderous, erratic noise and dazzling displays of light really terrifying. Even a fearsome and confident dog can shake and drool if they hear these unusual sounds. This is something that dog owners shouldn’t be worried about since there are some things that may possibly help them in assisting their dogs to get through loud festivities like the New Year celebration.

We can start by letting our dogs get used to the sound of the fireworks and anticipate them without having any fears. This method is called desensitization. You could record the sound of fireworks and play it near them while they are eating or playing or while you are cuddling them. You can start by playing the recorded sound in a very low volume, play it for a few times per day. Increase the volume gradually until they become able to hear the sound of the fireworks at a considerably high volume. If they display signs of fear while doing this process, you could adjust the volume until they become comfortable.

Here's the list of things that you can do in case you don’t have enough time to apply desensitization to your dogs.

  • Overcome the sound made by the fireworks. Try to turn up the radio or television and keep your windows closed during the fireworks. If the weather permits, a fan or air conditioner (if your dog isn't afraid of those sounds) can help, too.
  • Try not to react to the fireworks yourself. If you jump or tense up when you hear fireworks because you are anticipating your dog's fear, you may make his fear worse. Your body language can tell a dog that there is a reason to be afraid.
  • Act normal and don’t show them too much affection. Many people feel obliged to baby their dogs when the dog is showing signs of fear. We pet them more than usual, cuddle them, and talk to them in soft voices. This will just reinforce our dog’s apprehensive behavior.
  • Allow him to hide if he feels more comfortable in cramped spaces like beneath your bed, table, and chairs. Don't pull him out or try to force him closer to the fireworks in an attempt to get him used to the sounds. This may result in an increase in fear, and a frightened dog may become aggressive if pushed past his comfort level.

If you have already done all of these tips and your dogs still displays sign of phobia, maybe it’s time for your dog to seek for medication. Bring them to a veterinarian and ask for any anti-anxiety or sedative to keep your dog calm during the fireworks.

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