Male customers at McDonalds stunned & starstruck upon seeing Jessy Mendiola (Prank Video)

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Male customers at McDonalds stunned & starstruck upon seeing Jessy Mendiola (Prank Video)

Can you picture yourself eating at the famous fast food chain, Mcdonalds and you suddenly see the sexy actress Jessy Mendiola walking straight into your table? Can you imagine the feeling at the moment she talks to you?


I would expect variety of reactions. But for sure all of us will be stunned and starstruck with the beauty and sex appeal of Jessy Mendiola. If you were one of the guys who were present at Mcdonalds when Jessy made another surprise appearance, I would assume that you would also become speechless when you get to see the star of "Maria Mercedes" walking straight to your dining table.

Last week, Jessy stunned the rookie PBA player Jeric Teng and now she did the same act to some lucky guys dining at McDonalds. The new prank video uploaded by Mcdonalds shows Jessy Mendiola wearing her signature tight-fit red dress as she serves burger meals to male customers.

The scene is straight out of a popular TV commercial of Mcdonalds, where Mendiola sits with an unsuspecting customer to have lunch. But in the newest prank video of Mcdonalds, a marching band is seen prior to Jessy Mendiola's surprise appearance. The star of "Maria Mercedes" then walks on a red carpet and proceeds to sit with the stunned male customers. At one point, Mendiola is also seen dancing with the band and taking "selfies" with her new lunch buddies.

The reactions of the guys at Mcdonalds, as expected, are of utter surprise. One guy turns red at the sight of Mendiola, while a pair of friends nudge each other at her first appearance.

A few hours after the video was uploaded on Youtube, two of the male customers, who got selfies with the sexy Kapamilya actress turned to social media websites and shared their photos.




Posted by on 06 Dec 2013

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