Jhong Hilario's "Back Flip" Free Throw Shot|"Hero Ball" Basketball Acrobatic Shot Video Goes Viral on Social Networking Sites

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Jhong Hilario's Acrobatic Back Flip Free Throw Shot Video Goes Viral on Social Networking Sites


  • Who said that Michael Jordan did the greatest graceful basketball shot ever?
  • You better check this record-breaking and in-game graceful back flip free throw shot that was captured on cam and currently a top trending video in the Philippines!

The controversial 37-year-old dancer and actor, Jhong Hilario, participated the celebrity basketball game for HERO Foundation called "Hero Ball". During the ball game, Jhong Hilario made a "back flip" free throw which delighted the whole crowd and eventually became a trending video in social networking sites.


In the 15-second Youtube video, the popular member of the dance group--Streetboys, was seen seriously dribbling the ball at the free throw line when he suddenly made a sick acrobatic free throw shot. Most of all, it wasn't a miss. Jhong Hilario nailed his free throw attempt! We haven't got any better copy of Jhong Hilario's viral free throw shot video but the one below is good enough.

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Alternate video link:

Meanwhile, "HERO BALL" is a charity basketball tournament organized by the volunteer and the foundation’s newest ambassador, Gerald Anderson. Celebrities, mostly Star Magic artists, joined the basketball event like Enrique Gil, Derek Ramsay, John Prats, Rayver Cruz, Young JV and many more. HERO Ball's proceeds and of the basketball tournament will aid the children’s education through stipends of HERO Foundation’s beneficiaries.

FYI! HERO Foundation is an organization founded by the late President Corazon Aquino. Its mission is to assist children of fallen soldiers and incapacitated soldiers to move forward and have a bright future.

Jhong Hilario, thank you very much for the great entertainment! That was absolutely an amazing back flip free throw shot we've ever seen from a celebrity!

Video goes Viral around the Globe
Update (September 10, 2013-a day after we posted this article): Jhong's video is trending all over the world! Local and international media published his incredible back flip free throw shot. Jhong has been added and featured at NBCSports.com.

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