Smartphone Market Share Q2 of 2012 - Samsung ahead of Apple Inc.

By: Marisse in Technology

Here's the graphical presentation of the market share for smartphones in Q2 of 2012. (from Yahoo pages)

And this is the major reason why Apple is getting insecure against Samsung products. Numbers really matter.

The mobile phone market is dominated by Samsung and HTC is also trailing along with ZTE and Nokia smartphones. Recently, the California jury awarded Apple Inc. for its claim that Samsung stole its technology. Here's my forecast, Apple Inc. will continue to sue other mobile companies in the next few months and will continue to look for other copyright claims.

I hope that apple will stop what they are doing now because their actions will completely harm the entire opensource community and fewer mobile phone options will be available in the market leading to monopoly and unhealthy competition.

Figure 1. Smartphone Market Share Q2 of 2012. Three of these smartphone devices are powered by Android.

Apple Inc., is completely diverting its strategy in making money, no more marketing strategy, Apple Inc. wants legal strategy. This is what Apple wants, if you can't beat them, sue them!

Disclaimer: We here at don't favor any of the two companies. The researchers of are either using Apple or Samsung products.




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Posted by on 29 Aug 2012

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