FLAME virus - The most sophisticated Cyber Threat per Kaspersky Lab and ITU Research

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FLAME virus - The most sophisticated Cyber Threat

flame_dragon.jpgMay 28, 2012 - Kaspersky Lab announces the discovery of a highly sophisticated malicious program that is actively being used as a cyber weapon attacking entities in several countries. The complexity and functionality of the newly discovered malicious program exceed those of all other cyber menaces known to date.

The malicious program, detected as Worm.Win32.Flame by Kaspersky Lab’s security products, is designed to carry out cyber espionage. It can steal valuable information, including but not limited to computer display contents, information about targeted systems, stored files, contact data and even audio conversations.

During the analysis of a destructive malware program – codenamed Wiper – which deleted data on a number of computers in the Western Asia region, came across a new type of malware, now known as Flame. Preliminary findings indicate that this malware has been “in the wild” for more than two years - since March 2010. Due to its extreme complexity, plus the targeted nature of the attacks, no security software detected it.

The primary purpose of Flame appears to be cyber espionage, by stealing information from infected machines. Such information is then sent to a network of command-and-control servers located in many different parts of the world. The diverse nature of the stolen information, which can include documents, screenshots, audio recordings and interception of network traffic, makes it one of the most advanced and complete attack-toolkits ever discovered. The exact infection vector has still to be revealed, but it is already clear that Flame has the ability to replicate over a local network using several methods, including the same printer vulnerability and USB infection method exploited by Stuxnet.

Source: Corporate News from Kaspersky


The nature of FLAME virus is almost the same with Stuxnet. This made me think that the group behind this malware program is closely attached to the group who made Stuxnet, or worse they are the same group of programmers. Per Kaspersky's claim this program might have been deployed years ago but this has not been discovered back then. That tells us that this malware is very clever in hiding itself from the remote host.

There are allegations on the web which pointed United States and Israel as the source of this program (yahoo news). This can not be confirmed easily. Due to the complex structure of FLAME virus it may even take several months or years before any security agency can identify the source of this virus nor the creator of the program. The intriguing state is - Why does the program only targetted the system in Asia especially in the Middle East including Iran which recently confirmed that it infected 189 systems?(telegraph.co.uk).

Now that the FLAME virus has been identified-one thing for sure, the creators of this malware might already have crafted a more advance algorithm which is already sneaking into nuclear research facilities across the globe.

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