If you are one of them, please read the article of Cielo R. Reyno entitled "National Flag Day: Celebrating 2 battles, a patriot’s legacy" which is available in the Philippine daily inquirer site.

At present, can we say that we already attained the so-called freedom?

I remember a documentary film of ABS-CBN more than ten years ago. A four-year old kid asked an old soldier, "Do we have freedom in our country sir?". The soldier replied back, "Of course son, yes we are totally free. As you can see we no longer have those colonizers in our land".

The kid looked down and said, when I look around, I can't justify what you've said sir. The soldier was puzzled and could not understand what the kid is trying to point out.

Slowly the kid striked back with series of questions. "If we are free, then why mommy has to go abroad instead of working here? Why do we have so many poor people who don't have anything to eat? Why do we have so many street children who don't have anything to wear during the coldest night? Why are soldiers still being sent to war? Why are we not a progressive nation unlike any other country? We don't even have a house where we can spend the rest of the night when the rain pours. Sir, is this what we call freedom?

The soldier got silent for minutes and could not think of any sensible reply to the little kid.

Honestly, our hands are still tied up and we are still living the way our forefathers lived before. Andres Bonifacio sacrificed his life. The young great General Gregorio Del Pilar offered his blood to defend our nation. General Emilio Aguinaldo who allegedly betrayed Andres Bonifacio continued the fight to free ourselves from Spanish governance. Many lives were lost. BUT here we are today, we are not able to maintain the legacy in fighting for our ultimate freedom. This is the result of our fading patriotism and national awareness. We are eaten by capitalism which elevates the rich community and left the bottom class in worst situation.

To those who doesn't know about the celebration of the "National Flag day", I hope you are like the little kid. He might not be fully aware of the meaning of the National Flag Day but at least he sees a wider horizon.

Our culture and tradition binds us together. We can not achieve our goals if we don't have anything in common. Know your past and maintain the legacy! Philippines, keep moving!