RCBC Teller & depositor Mistreated a Poor Man

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RCBC Teller & depositor Mistreated a Poor Man

RCBC-BANK.pngRCBC branch in Shangri-La Plaza - A man came in at around 230PM along with some other RCBC customers. He went straight into the corner, filled out a bank slip and waited his turn in a not so long queue of customers. When it was his turn, the bank teller asked him to rewrite everything as it seems he made errors on the slip. He went into the bank slip bay again, filled out a new form and went back right in front of the bank teller. Suddenly someone tapped his shoulder from behind. It wasn't really a tap but it was more of a slap because of the noticeable force. As a normal reaction, the poor man tried to make a little distance-anticipating that someone's going to grab his neck or punch him on the face and he turned his head towards his back. The poor man was a bit puzzled if it was the person behind him who tapped him because the approach was a bit rude and he saw a guy who dressed like a corporate lawyer. The rich-looking guy said, "why are you not following the line dude? I came in first and why are you there infront of me?" on a high-pitched tone. While the guy spoke those lines, his stunt was like trying to put up a fist fight. The poor man replied back with a mellow tone, "I'm sorry sir, the teller told me to get a new slip and rewrite everything because of some minor mistakes." The rich-looking guy looked so angry and he was dismayed by the response of the poor man. I think, the RCBC teller might have noticed the incident because the argument happened 4-6 feet away from her.

In other banks it's already a gesture to let someone go straight to the teller when the latter would ask to change something on the bank slip.

Later on, a worse case happened. When the poor man was assisted by the teller, he was advised to wait and the teller called the rich guy, she asked his slip and he was then assisted. "Sir Paul, can I have your passbook so that I can process it ahead?"

The poor man wasn't able to react and he was just waiting the teller to call his attention. Maybe he was thinking not to make a scene in public. He also noticed that the passbook of Paul was a dollar-savings account. That justified my assumption that the man could possibly be above the middle class.

To continue the story, the teller asked her manager to process Paul's transaction while the poor man was just there standing for many minutes waiting for his name to be called. The teller chatted with the manager and they talked about some other stuff but they were focused in processing Paul's transaction.

After so many minutes, finally the poor man's name was called and his transaction was done and later, Paul's transaction was finished too.

So who was this poor man? I was the guy, the victim of RCBC teller and the rich client of RCBC named Paul. I was supposed to talk to the branch manager but I was in a hurry because I had so many works in the office.

There are some few things that I want to tell to the RCBC organization before I want to talk about this rich-rude-arrogant man.

1. I think the RCBC teller who assisted me needs to have re-training in customer service. I admit it, I am poor and I dressed like a janitor that time (maybe most of the time) but I don't think that I should be treated like that. Why did she ask me to wait that long and she processed another transaction though mine was not yet done? Was it because I looked so poor enough?

2. If Paul is one of their high profile customers then Paul should not be in the queue of regular bank customers. He should have been assisted by a manager in a different desk. For instance, in BDO I observed that their VIP or high profile customer is directly being assisted by a separate teller.

3. Why the manager didn't ask the teller to process my transaction first but instead they were focused on the other transaction?

To Paul or whoever that guy was.

I don't have a dress like yours and I am poor but I never (forcibly)tapped strangers nor made any form of physical contact to get someone's attention in public. I think you are just overwhelmed of your social status. Stop your arrogance! Learn to respect dude!

RCBC don't get me wrong. The company's name and logo appears in this article because of inappropriate behavior of your employee. This article is not created to strike back the company. I believe RCBC has excellent corporate trainers but sad to say, one of your employees doesn't have a customer service skill.

Note: This happened the other week and I was driven by my office mate to write this article because he don't like this thing to happen to someone else.

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 24 May 2012

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