China sets the Greatest Lie of all time

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China made another remarkable record-greatest liar of all time

china-deploys-warships-scarborough-shoal.JPGChina announced its annual fishing ban early this May which aimed at curbing over-fishing, and includes the waters around the disputed Scarborough Shoal.The declaration has taken effect on May 16 and should run until August 1, 2012.

But wait!

"China has deployed more ships to a disputed shoal in the South China Sea amid a tense stand-off with the Philippines, officials and state media said on Wednesday." per AFP news.

Oh my God, breaking their own rule and thus presenting themselves the greatest liar in the history of mankind.

As of Monday night, there were five Chinese government vessels and 16 fishing boats in the area, along with 56 dinghies used by the fishermen to collect fish in shallow waters, Raul Hernandez said(PDI news).

Philippines, China is using the strategies in the book 'Art of War'. We should not wait until these Chinese retards to fish humans in the Philippines and bring them to china as slaves. Let us continue to gear up and make our Philippine navy equipped with more warships and we have to acquire jets to boost the Philippine Airforce. This has to be stopped.

Captain Nicanor Faeldon please activate your team and have your voyage to Panatag Shoal as soon as possible. We have to make them feel that we are not their slaves.

Our beloved President of the Philippines, please approve our campaign to collect $2B donation from Filipinos all over the world.

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Posted by on 24 May 2012

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