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DiversityHuman.com is now advertised in Facebook(sigh). 8-)

As I've mentioned before DiversityHuman.com isn't really a higly monetized site but still I risked to advertise in Facebook because of one simple reason.

DiversityHuman.pngWe want to be a GOOD INFLUENCE to other Filipinos here and abroad especially to all youth who already forgot where they came from. DiversityHuman.com is pretty much new but it is my vision to penetrate into all sections of the web to unite all Filipinos and bring back the fire of true Philippine patriotism just like the time of Andres Bonifacio and Dr. Jose Rizal. Majority of our avid followers might have observed that this site is moving into this direction that fast. However, we are still here to bring you the latest news, technical reviews and we would still publish articles which relates to entertainment, movies, sports, etc. but most of the time these will include some philosiphical views which tackles our rich culture & tradition.

It shows from the advertiser panel that my Ad targets 22,000,740 users in the Philippines alone. Of course I am not expecting that all of those people would be our readers but I am hoping that in some aspects I could draw their attention to visit my site even once.

I hope that this move I made would gain a positive response. And as always, don't be a silent reader. If there is something in your mind that you want to bring up, don't hesitate to use the comment boxes below. We may encounter opposing views at some point but that doesn't mean that we are putting up a fight. We have to discuss things that are happening in our country because every single event in our community will have an impact on our daily lives.

DiversityHuman.com - Anything that happens in our society is all about us and it is all about you.

-DiversityHuman.com Administrator

System Admin


System Admin

DiversityHuman.com Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 23 May 2012

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