Will Smith slaps a reporter in Moscow

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Will Smith slaps a reporter in Moscow

Will Smithwill-smith-kissed-by-reporter.jpg slapped a Ukrainian male television reporter-Vitalii Sediuk who embraced him and attempted to kiss him on the lips as he walked down the red carpet outside the movie theatre on Friday May 18, 2012 for the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black III." Smith pushed him away and slapped him lightly across the cheek with the back of his left hand. Smith asked the man, "Come on man, what the hell is your problem buddy?"

"He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him," Smith said to the crowd of journalists and fans. "Oh, I said that on camera. It's all good." He said Serdiuk kissed him on the mouth, but it was not clear whether the reporter intended to do so or was aiming for his cheek as Smith swiveled to avoid him.

Vitalii Sediuk, a reporter from the Ukrainian television channel 1+1 made a scene at the Venice Film Festival in September when he gave a bouquet of clearly unappreciated purple hydrangeas to Madonna and called her "my princess".

News from : Chicagotribune and winnipegfreepress.com


I believe in Europe, it's just normal for a guy to hug another guy but to kiss someone on the lips I think it's already a different story. I think Vitalii Sediuk made it for a purpose. Maybe he wanted to be on the spotlight for whatever reason or he desperately wanted to have his name on the news headlines the next day instead of Will Smith. Anyhow, being infamous in some way helps you like Granville Ampong who created a misleading article regarding Manny Pacquiao's stand about same-sex marriage.

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 20 May 2012

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