Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook status-from single to married

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Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook status-from single to married

Mark Zuckerberg, facebook-mark-zuckerberg-pricsella-chan.jpgCEO and founder of Facebook changed his status from single to married as he ties the knot to Priscilla Chan. The wedding was announced, of course, on his Facebook page and in few hours hundreds of thousands facebook users "liked" the news.

28-year old Mark made a life changing decision two days after the social networking site had the biggest tech IPO in history. Everyone was surprised including the friends and colleagues of Mark in Facebook.

"With all the news that Facebook had been taking up this week, this is the one that no one expected. On the heels of the second largest IPO in history, the CEO gets married," said Joe Brown, editor for tech blog Gizmodo.

Forbes’ Brian Caulfield first reported on Friday that Zuckerberg seemed to be preparing for a party at his five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom home in the Bay Area suburb. On Friday, a truck from Hartmann Studios, a thirty-year old company is known for staging high-end weddings, fundraisers, and corporate events, was parked in the driveway of the home (

According to David Kirkpatrick‘s book, The Facebook Effect, Zuckerberg met Chan, 27 while in line to use the bathroom at a Harvard University party. The pair dated on and off again in college, but maintained a relationship as the Facebook CEO rose in prominence in the technology world ( After nine years the two had their wedding ceremony in the backyard of Mark's home in Palo Alto, CA. A guest authorized to speak on behalf of the newlyweds said that the wedding had been in the works for four to five months. Zuckerberg designed the ruby wedding ring and it was only shown to Chan on the wedding ceremony itself( Also, the person would not discuss the names of others who attended to protect their privacy(usatoday).

To Mark Zuckerberg, Congratulations! hopes for the best for the two of you.

Here are some relevant photos of the newlyweds.

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