Mixed reactions over Mon Tulfo-Raymart Santiago Brawl - Sign of Unemployment and bad culture in the Philippines

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Mon Tulfo-Raymart Santiago fist fight is a huge topic in Facebook walls, unemployment-philippines.jpgtwits in twitter, and comments in several social networking sites including blogsites. Out of these responses lies a bad culture of Filipinos and a sign of unemployment rate in our country. Why are we so affected with the event?

Unemployment and bad culture in the Philippines

1. Bashing either of the two parties indicate that the unemployment rate in our country is way too high. Why? If you are keen enough to check the timestamps of the feedback, a lot of those happened between 8AM-5PM Manila standard time. Majority of employees at work are being prohibited to access social networking sites and some companies don't allow mobile phones to be taken into the production area. Thus, most likely the posts during these times were made by the majority - Filipinos who were not in the office and didn't have anything to do-unemployed citizens who squeezed their budget just to have access to the internet.

Synovate Media Atlas July 2008-June 2009 study revealed that more people access the web from an Internet café (iCafe) (54%) than at home (47%), followed by at work (17%). So, we can not say that bulk of these posts were made by employees who were in the office between 8AM-5PM. Also. considering the fact that we have 29.97% internet users out of the 103 million population gives us a value of roughly 16.2 million iCafe web users!

2. Too much sympathy! Offensive comments by different user IDs with only few seconds apart is an indicator that Filipinos are easily affected by these celebrity/showbiz events. It's fine to take sides but overdoing it is no longer acceptable. I know that the scene in NAIA 3 last week was not a good representation of 'it's fun in the Philippines' but again, do not put too much negativity when providing your comments between the two parties. Doing so will just farther ruin our tourism slogan. Why are we sympathizing too much? Because we are poor and most of us don't have anything that keeps us busy-unemployed (#1).

3. Values. This is in line with #2. We don't practice good values in providing appropriate feedback on the internet. Be reminded that eventhough people don't see your face, your posts on the internet describes our culture. Our behavior stinks because of too much negative emotions. But is it just all about emotions? Go to yahoo philippines, farms of troll blooms the boards. Why? because they don't have anything that keeps them busy-unemployed (#1).

4. Time management and productivity issues. This is a sign that we don't manage our time effectively. I don't know if we are just too lazy to do it or we are just simply lazy to find something valuable for the time we spend. Why not use your time efficiently to earn something for a living? Could this be a result of being unemployed (#1)?

These are just my observations. I maybe wrong but I could be also right. These are just my thoughts regarding the reactions on the web. Just a litle disclaimer, I am not trying to create a chaotic atmosphere. I just want to air my feedback about our internet and social behaviors.

To test my claim needs a tremendous statistical data analysis and IT monitoring. It's hard to do it from the perspective of unemployed individuals who gain access to the internet via iCafe but I think that is no longer necessary. The numbers above and physics philosophy is enough to make an appropriate scale of conclusions.

-DiversityHuman.com Administrator

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System Admin


System Admin

DiversityHuman.com Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 08 May 2012

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