Major Update regarding Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago's Fist Fight in NAIA 3

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(Update regarding Santiago-Tulfo Fist Fight) - Cebu Pacific raymart-santiago-tulfo-fight.jpgground staff Cid Charisse Bocboc and Kristina Anne Ilagan said Barretto cursed them in front of other passengers at the NAIA Terminal 3 in an interview over Bombo Radyo.

Bocboc and Ilagan said Tulfo made an attempt to record the entire incident through his cellphone but Barretto started yelling at Mon Tulfo. That's when Santiago and his companions allegedly mauled Mon Tulfo.

Unfortunately, MIAA chief Honrado informed dzMM that the whole incident was not captured in any of the surveillance cameras installed at the airport premises since there are no cameras installed in the area where the scuffle took place.

Meanwhile, MalacanaƱang made a press release that a separate investigation of the incident is being set.

Two (2) former journalists who are members of the House of Representatives condemned the Santiago couple for confronting Tulfo, an influential media personality. Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone and Agham party-list Representative Angelo Palmones said, being public personalities, Santiago should have kept his cool even if he was supposedly provoked by Tulfo.

"It is unfair to Mon (Tulfo) to be assaulted. We know that because of the new medium, everybody is an online journalist. That's why they should have just been conscious on what they were doing," Palmones said in a press briefing.

Evardone, for his part, said that as a journalist, Tulfo has all the right to take pictures of a commotion at the airport.

"I think the assault on Mon Tulfo was a direct assault on media. It's the inherent right of media and a basic instinct to gather and documents facts and events," he said, adding Santiago's group has no right to prevent Tulfo from taking photos, much more to ask him to delete the photos.

Palmones added that Claudine should have just written the airline and demanded damages for the inconvenience they encountered.

The Santiago couple said they complained to an attendant of the Cebu Pacific after arriving from their Boracay flight after some of their luggage went missing. The luggage apparently had children's medicines.

"They should have not berated at the ground staff. That is not the proper venue to ventilate their complaint. They should have written the airline or demanded damages and not the put the law on their own hands. What is the use of protocols?" the lawmaker said.

Palmones plans to file a resolution condemning the act against a journalist.

On the other hand, Erwin Tulfo is ready to meet Raymart Santiago's group in a place isolated from the public. Tulfo denied that he is challenging Raymart's group but he is ready to have a coffee with them and opens his door for a friendly talk of the opposing party.

Source: A single line from ABS CBN news and the rest from SunStar

Columnist Mon Tulfo expressed disppointment over airport security agents who failed to control the commotion that happened Sunday between him and the camp of celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto. In an interview with DZMM, Tulfo stressed that instead of stopping the couple who was beating him up, the airport police and guards were holding him down. DZMM, May 7, 2012


This is a celebrity talk and since the news went viral, politicians suddenly dives into the issue. Not a surprising event, this is a very normal situation in the Philippines. wonders if Raymart Santiago's group made a fist fight to those spectators who took the video of their scuffle. Also, we are waiting for details and official statement of Cebu Pacific regarding the said 'lost luggage' of Miss Claudine Barretto.

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Newest Video Uploaded in Youtube on May 25, 2012 shows A man in pink initially slapped Mon Tulfo

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