4th Call Center Olympics (COLympics) - Three (3) consecutive win of Startek women's volleyball team

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Call center employees are not just meant to be in the officeCall-Center-Olympics.jpg and this time around English fluency won't matter. It's going to be a show of physical endurance, stamina and the will to grab the championship crown! Last April 15 was the grand opening of the 4th call center olympics (Colympics) 2012. The COLympics will last until July 29, 2012.

Startek is one of the companies who joined the 4th colympics season. One of the games during the opening event was women's volleyball between Startek and Accenture. It was a close game but nevertheless Startek's first six players dominated the scoring of the first two sets which led them to their first victory. Their second game was held in Alabang Town Center last week where they knocked off and got their second easy win over 24/7 volleyball team. And finally yesterday, back to the court where they had their first win, Meralco Gym in Ortigas they faced a stronger team from GE. Startek started the game so strong and banked the first set. But during the second set, the team's performance suddenly collapsed. The score went to 23 against 18 in favor of GE. Startek's women's volleyball team this year has a very deep bench players however the sudden rotation of their key players caused a lot of mess. The loud cheer from the crowd echoed the entire gym aiming to boost the team's confidence and it got them almost close to a tie but because of major critical errors, they didn't makeit leaving the score to 1-1. The captain ball of Startek decided to bring back her first 5 key players in the final set. The team made an early clear gap, 7-3 in favor of Startek but GE's motivation to win the game almost got them again. GE made a swift strike and rallied the score but it was too late. GE lacked bench players and they settled with their main six players on the court for the entire three sets and eventually they were left behind. Startek women's volleybal earned their 3rd straight win of the COLympics. Having that said, Startek enjoys their lead standing 3-0.

Congratulations to Startek women's volleyball!

FYI, Startek women's volleyball team last year never won a single game and they prematurely exited the competition. But now, it looks like they are aiming for a great revenge. Goodluck to the whole team!

Accenture versus Startek




Below are the information about this year's call center olympics.

The Colympics is the biggest sports tournament in the Philippines that is designed for all Call Center companies and which aims to promote fitness, sportsmanship and camaraderie among the participating players. This is being managed by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, in partnership with Popcorn Events and Chris Sports.

The event will feature 14 different sports:

9 Ball Billiards
Badminton Doubles Men
Badminton Doubles Women
Badminton Doubles Mix
Cheerdance -- to be performed at the Closing Ceremony
Epic Relay 250
Fun Run - 3 Kilometers
Fun Run - 5 Kilometers
Men’s Basketball
Men’s Volleyball
Mixed Bowling
Table Tennis
Women’s Volleyball




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 30 Apr 2012

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