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By: System Admin in Politics urges all of us to stop supporting Chinese products. The more items we buy from them, the stronger they get. boycott-made-in-china.png

China is claiming sovereignty over Spratly group of Islands and the entire china sea. The tension in the West Philippine sea goes on and on. The recent encounter of Philippine Navy troops and Chinese Navy vessels off the coast of Zambales reflected our inferiority over China. We can not fight China with bullets. We don't have enough resources to create a good standing war against them. However, by merely halting our engagement in purchasing chinese products we can stop them from getting stronger in terms of their economy which is the backbone of their national financial support towards military development.

China is in the process of deploying their giant oil rig which can drill a hole of approximately 2000 meters deep. They are also about to finish their first aircraft carrier in August 2012. They are acting fast enough to make necessary control to all islands in the China sea.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you see 'Made in China' do not dare to buy these products. I am fully aware that Chinese products are all over the place but if the entire population would cooperate and do our share, we can stop the arrogance of China.

We have to play the game in a manner of not spending too much money to our armed forces modernization program. I am not against the modernization program of AFP or any other modernization program across our government agencies. But considering the fact that we don't have enough budget to cater all of these programs we have to use our brains.

We have 92 million population per National Statistics Office data(but I believe we are now at 120 million). If 50% of those people spend 10 pesos a month in purchasing a chinese product, that would be somewhere Php 460,000,000.00 which equates to 5.52 billion pesos in a year. That amount is enough to buy 10 more unfinished aircraft carriers, develop more Chinese stealth fighter planes, and build more chinese submarines on top of their existing 62 subs.

My fellow countrymen, I am not telling you to abruptly stop buying the goods of China. A perfect 'change' is done through gradual change. Tomorrow, I don't expect that all of you will no longer buy a single chinese product but what I am expecting from you would be starting tomorrow you will start to look for alternative products that are not made from China. Maintain this attitude, for sure in 6-8 months there will be no more new chinese products in our homes.

Filipinos, we are no longer at the Marcos era. During his time, surrounding nations were afraid of us. We had elite air force units and we had a very strong naval forces. Now, our major military equipments are aging units from other countries which were acquired at a very low price.

China is bullying us all the times. We don't like our grandson and granddaughters to see this situation in the future. Help ourselves now for a better future of our country and for a better world! is still hopeful that we can have a strong economy in 10-15 years from now, if and only if our government officials would lessen their desire to corrupt the money of taxpayers. And of course, if all of us will do our part.

To all real Filipinos who really love Philippines by heart, spread this blog to all forums, social network sites and email this to your friends. I am proud of the Philippine Navy, if I were on their position I would not also lead my men to engage a battle against the warships of China. Whoever the captain of the Philippine Navy, I salute you sir. We don't have enough capabilities but standing at the middle of our enemies makes me proud of your team. Our ship isn't that big and it's not equipped with high powered ammunitions like the ones from China but you showed us your courage. The blood that runs into your veins remains the same like the heros we had during the World War II.
My countrymen, this is the the most valuable thought that I can share to you. Let us help our dying land! No more 'Made in China' in our beloved homeland!

System Admin


System Admin Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by on 11 Apr 2012

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